Edward Blumenfeld | Brenham, TX

“My father used to own and operate a 55,000 sf printing plant located on Blue Bell Road in Brenham TX. The business was eventually sold to a national company and the family retained ownership of the property with the new business owners becoming our tenant. About six years ago, our tenants closed down that plant and we were in need of a new tenant. I manage this property on behalf of my family from my home in Colorado. I reached out to a friend in Houston that does commercial development and was referred to two companies that may fit my needs. I interviewed Jody Slaughter from Oldham Goodwin on the phone and really liked his sincere attitude and knowledge of the Bryan/College Station real estate market. After a few calls with both companies, we decided that Jody best matched our way of doing business and we soon signed on. In short order, we had a tenant in the space and we were very happy with the transaction. The new tenant only made it three years on a five year lease before they restructured their US operations and our space in Brenham was no longer needed. Jody and Oldham-Goodwin guided us through an early lease termination agreement with the new tenant and were then able to execute our desire to sell the property to Blue Bell. We had an end of year (2018) deadline and Team OG got us through the entire Blue Bell, start to finish in six weeks.

The business side of the relationship was straightforward. The personal touch side of this deal was exceptional. Managing this property for my Houston-based mom and sisters from my home in Colorado is a challenge. I need eyes and ears on the ground to help guide decisions. Cyndee Smith, another OG associate lives near our property and would go by when asked to look at one thing or another. I needed to escalate an issue and was able to get Hunter Goodwin on the phone and quickly get the resolution I needed. Once all details between Seller and Buyer were agreed to, Jody went above and beyond to personally handle getting my mother and sisters to the closing table.

I love the way Oldham Goodwin acts as a team with one common goal in mind – service the customer’s needs and would recommend their service to others.”