Invest With Oldham Goodwin

Oldham Goodwin Capital (OGC) provides accredited investors the opportunity for equity investment in real estate partnerships. Our objective is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for our investment partners.

OGC was formed to develop and acquire assets in the hospitality (primarily select-service and limited-service hotels), multifamily, office, and retail sectors within both established markets and high growth secondary markets throughout the state of Texas. OGC is uniquely positioned to capitalize on current market opportunities through its extensive experience in commercial real estate brokerage, management, and development.

The OGC team has successfully developed, acquired, and managed a portfolio of upscale branded hotels, multifamily properties, office buildings, and retail properties throughout Texas. We focus on acquisitions of assets with value-add opportunities relating to operational inefficiencies, renovation needs, or re-branding possibilities as well as development of properties in underserved markets or markets with high barriers to entry.

OGC strives for annualized internal rates of return (IRR) to investment partners exceeding those found elsewhere in the marketplace with a focus on periodic cash flow distributions. Holding periods may vary in length from 3 to 10 years in order to optimize returns. The principals of OGC provide sponsorship equity, creating attractive debt and equity opportunities where all parties’ interests are fully aligned. Operating cash flow, refinance, and net sales proceeds (after all expenses and debt payments) are typically distributed first to equity investors. Our standard distribution waterfall is structured so that equity investors receive a preferred return on their invested capital (return on capital) as well as their invested capital (return of capital) before any non-equity limited or general partners receive distributions.

Our goals include preservation of investor capital, creation of asset appreciation through operational efficiencies and profit growth, generation of attractive yields via periodic distributions to investors, and superior investor relations and transparency by means of quality financial reporting.