Hospitality Employee Careers Boosted Thanks to Oldham Goodwin Leadership Development Program

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Oldham Goodwin’s inaugural Hospitality Leadership Development Series was a huge success according to eleven employees nominated from eight different Oldham Goodwin managed-hotels who participated. Attendees say the extensive, three-month course helped prepare them for future management and leadership opportunities by focusing on hotel employee retention, revenue management, budgeting, forecasting, and customer service.

Oldham Goodwin’s Vice President of Hospitality Management Services Cole Baker says the intensive study of these specific aspects of the hospitality industry builds efficient leaders and contributes to the success of Oldham Goodwin’s hotel management division.

“In order to complete the course, each individual was required to work with their General Manager to create and complete a project for their respective hotels that utilizes the skills and knowledge learned in the Leadership Development Series,” says Baker.

“These projects varied but included new initiatives to increase employee morale, identify major guest service detractors, and to submit a business case for any purchases needed to address the issues. The result of this course is that participants learn real-world effective strategies without the pressure of being afraid to make a mistake by using creativity to problem-solve. I applaud our hospitality division leadership for their investment of time and knowledge in crafting and executing on this offering that we hope to see become an annual initiative.”

Since the completion of the class, two of the attendees have received internal promotions within Oldham Goodwin Hospitality. Oldham Goodwin’s 2nd Annual Leadership Development Series will be looking to kick off in the summer of 2023.

Attendees of the inaugural Leadership Development Series included:

Adriana Canales
Bee Carcamo
Heidi Hays
Kim Warren
Yabby Campbell
Victoria Delamar
Linda Fonville
Kristy Price
LaToya Daniel
Tim Brewer
Sam Xie